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The Official Website of Abby Burrus, Author of Beneath the Willow Tree 

Beneath the Willow Tree 

   This choice, this Man without a Mark, could be her redemption or her undoing.

   Nova's world is controlled by the Mark.  Embedded in the skin of all born in her world, those who are stronger control the weaker by it.  Pain, betrayal, and fear are imprinted on Nova's soul as her Mark is in her skin.  Her one solace in this Mark-controlled world is a willow tree on the bank of a lake that she goes to sit under at the end of the day.

   But one day, she meets a Man different from them all.  He is Mark-less.  And beneath the willow tree, he tells her who he is, and the choice he offers her.  The unheard of, the impossible, what she has dreamed of.  

   But for Him to do it, she must trust him, something she is sure she cannot do again.  


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